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Keyword Analysis & Page Optimization

Keyword analysis and page optimization will be the first step of search engine optimization. To drive targeted traffic, it is crucial to fine the right keywords. Choosing of wrong and use less keywords will leads to the lost of business even you invested a lot in SEO. Our professional webmaster will help you to find right keywords and optimize the page according to the right keywords at an affordable pricing.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Our professional webmaster will help you to find the targeted keywords which drive more traffic and produce more sales related to your business. The keyword research process includes:

  • Analysis of complete keyword competition using most popular keywords tool such as Word tracker, Keyword Discovery etc.,
  • Choosing of right and targeted keywords related to your business and region.
  • Splitting of keywords, according to the competition and KIE factors.

On-Page Optimization

An important part of SEO which plays major role in SERP is On-Page Optimization. By doing careful On-page optimization will drive more results in major SEO's like Google. Our On-page optimization process will include the following:

Basics of Anchor Text Optimization

  • Assigning the keywords as anchor text
  • Link carries the related keywords to the related content

Title Tag Optimization

  • Optimizing the title tag related to webpage to increase search engine visibility

Content Optimization

  • Complete analysis of keywords
  • Using the keywords as heading, title, anchor text and in the content to get more SEs results.

Meta Tag Optimization

  • Optimizing the meta tags depending upon the search engine.

Directory Submission Services

Very affordable link building service is Directory Submission and you can’t do SEO with out directory submission. Also you can’t do directory submission yourself as it consume so much of time. Let’s take your burden to submit directories at an affordable price. In our professional webmasters will do submit your website to the top niche & free directories having low PR to High PR.

What we need from you?

  • Your website name
  • Website description
  • Keywords and phrase
  • One Email Id for submission process.

What we do for you?

  • We do submit top niche & free Google friendly directories manually to the related category.
  • Once submitted we do manually confirm the submission by clicking the conformation link to your Emails when ever required.
  • Once the process completed we’ll send all the link details with the comprehensive report to you.

Time Frame:

The directory Submission services will take time as per the packages given below.

Choose the package from the following list.

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